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aBOUT US - membership

Dear Swiss Club TELL Friend,

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Swiss Club Tell. The Swiss Club Tell was founded in 1920, in Mill Valley, California and has currently about 110 members. We have about 4-6 events a year where we get together for fun and entertainment, and to socialize with other Swiss folk.

The Swiss Club Tell is open for new membership under the following policy:


  • Initial fee for a new member is $140 per adult:
    which includes $100 initiation fee + $40 annual membership fee.
  • Yearly membership fee thereafter is $40 per adult.
  • There are no group/family memberships, only individual.


  • Age 0-17 are included for FREE with the parents’ membership.
  • Parents are responsible for all event fees, if any.

Young Adults:

  • Children over the age of 18 need to get their own membership. If the young adult has been a member under a parent’s membership, they are exempt from the initiation fee, if the parent’s membership is in good standing.
  • There is a two-year grace period for young adults to become a member. Upon the expiration of the grace period, the full initiation fee will be required.

Important Notes:

  • All interested new members must be present at the General Meeting in January.
  • If you miss the General Meeting you must wait another year to join, unless you have a substantial reason that prevents you from being present. If so, please contact the President and appoint a current member in good standing to proxy on your behalf.
  • All fees and dues need to be paid at the General Meeting.

For more information, please contact our President Trudy May-Moesch at 415-254-7286.

Download membership application

Don't forget, applicant has to be present at Swiss Club Tell's General Meeting
in January, see Event Calendar for date.

AND applications should be mailed at least 2 weeks prior to the General Meeting 
in January
, see Event Calendar for date.

Do NOT include any money/check with your application, pay by check at the General Meeting.


For current members, to pay your membership dues,
please go to the Membership Fee page


Membership Benefits

The Swiss Club Tell hosts about 4-6 events annually, for example:
  • January General Meeting & Dinner, 
  • Spring Jass Party & Dinner
  • Summer Picnic
  • Fall Special Event
  • Christmas Dinner
valued at more than $200, which are included free or at reduced-cost with the annual membership.

 Cost vs Benefits
 Year 1
 Year 2+
 Cost Initiation Fee
 Cost Annual Fee
 Cost Total
 Benefit 5 events – $200
– $200
 Benefit Year 1
 Benefit Year 2+